3 Cool Things Happening in Optical Right Now

3 Cool things happening in Optical Right now


We know, going to the optometrist can be boring, I mean it’s not as bad as the dentist’s office, but we get it some people just don’t know how to have fun ;). But despite its boring exterior, the world of Eyewear and optometry are constantly changing and growing. With new innovations happening all the time it would be almost impossible to keep track of them all, so here are just a couple new developments for you to get excited about!


  1. Activity Tracking Glasses

Have you ever thought to yourself “dang I would love to know exactly how many steps I take in a day, but fitbits are just so gauche, and I would need at least 4 different colors to go with all of my outfits!”? Well VSP has a new line of glasses that are perfect for you! The styles are a bit limited right now, but depending on the success of the base models, we could see more in the near(ish) future. Each frame features a magnetometer, an accelerometer and, a gyroscope that are installed into the left temple, there is also a battery in there! The battery has a lifespan of a few days, and there is a hidden charging port also located in the left temple (it’s all in the video below).



“If nobody counts them did they really happen?”

What’s even cooler about these specs, is that whenever you hit the activity goals you have set for yourself, an eye exam is donated to an underprivileged group of your choice (Veterans, Children, Homeless). These glasses were expected to hit the market sometime in March, but unfortunately we have yet to see them. When they do release, the price point as of now seems to be pretty reasonable, which means these glasses will be accessible for most everyone!

      2. Smart Glasses, That look kind of cool…. We think?

I am sure that most of you have heard of “Google Glass,” so you know that this isn’t a first, but smart glasses (like the ones in movies with HUDs etc.) are an inevitable product that will probably be within the realm of standard purchases within the next 5 to 10 years. While “Google Glass” was a bulky and overt accessory, Vue (a kickstarter funded manufacturer) glasses are sleek and stylish, offering seamless integration without a bulky camera attached to the front of your frames.

and you thought fitbits were gauche

These specs boast a plethora of features: touch controls (located on the temples), audio playback (through bone conduction, also in the temples), some visual alerts, a microphone for inbound/outbound calls, and activity tracking. There are a number of other features that are unlocked through integration between the glasses and an app on your smartphone.

The frames are currently in the pre-order stage of manufacturing, and are offering two basic frame shapes, round and rectangle. In addition they offer prescription, plano, polarized, and clear lenses as options. There seems to be a fair amount of anticipation surrounding this particular iteration of smart glasses, and they are regularly posting updates on their status for bringing the product to market.

       3. Lenses That Can Focus Themselves

Yes I know, the idea of never having to wear a progressive again is probably something that is very VERY appealing to a substantial number of people, but this just seems too good to be true. Well thankfully it isn’t, there are multiple companies that have tried their hand at lenses that have adjustable focus. Most of those companies had a product that was very limited in prescription range, or style selection, and the ability to focus the lenses came from a manual slider adjustment. These lenses relied on a lipid layer (I know super specific and easy to understand…) over the top of the lenses. This lipid layer changed the focal point (or refractive state) of the lenses, allowing for variable focus in the lenses.

You can finally get around to reading that self help book about reading”

A new company based out of Israel is currently taking a different approach. They are using an alternative method that has been successfully employed in cell phone camera lenses. The focusing agent, in these lenses, is liquid crystal (I know it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie) which is really cool. The crystal liquid is hooked up to a sensor that refracts the light into your eye at the proper point based on your prescription (as the distance between you and objects changes). Currently there is a latency between the change of distance and the change of the prescription, but the hope (I’m sure) is that by the time these glasses release that problem will have been eliminated.

Along with my cre8t0rs”

Thanks for checking out our list, we will be releasing a part 2 so if we missed something here be sure to keep an “eye” (;)) out for more articles on this subject!









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