Why Does (almost) Everyone Need Reading Glasses as They Get Older?

Why Does (Almost) Everyone Need Reading Glasses as They get Older?


So I am sure that as a regular everyday person, you have noticed that age changes a lot of things. Whether it is your passion for Saturday morning cartoons, or that one indie-rap-noise band, age changes a lot about how you go about everyday life. As you age certain aspects of your vision are also prone to change, as a younger person these changes are usually gradual and (hopefully) minute.

But as we get older, especially around the age of 40, it can seem that our vision takes a pretty steep dive. The reality is however, that around 40 most everybody begins to experience a loss of vision that is often classified as Presbyopia, which is a natural part of the human aging process.


Presbyopia will show itself in many different ways, you might find that reading (especially cell phones and books with smaller print) has become more difficult, even with your regular prescription glasses. It was long thought that this was caused by an atrophy of the muscles that cause flexion of the eye and allow for focus. It is now understood that Presbyopia is in fact cause by a rigidity in the lens of your eye. This rigidity is caused by age and use of the lense over your lifespan.

Now you are probably thinking, if I am nearsighted (myopic) shouldn’t I be able to focus on items that are close to me? Unfortunately there is almost not a single person who won’t at some point suffer from Presbyopia. It is an age related malady that really is more of a natural result of having lived rather than a disease of sorts. So what do you do about it?

That is where your Eye Care Provider comes in, your Eye Care Provider is more than well enough equipped to help diagnose and solve many of the symptoms caused by Presbyopia. There are a number of options to pursue depending on your need(s). The first option is of course a magnifying lens that allows your eyes to focus at a more comfortable distance, these are commonly known as “readers” and sometimes (depending on your prescriptive needs) you could even purchase a pair at your local drugstore. If you have more specific visual needs, or want glasses that you can wear at all times, you could look into bifocal, trifocal, and progressive options (there are even “bifocal” contact lenses). Each one of these options comes with a substantial number of customization options. We often have people who want glasses with different focal ranges for doing multiple close-up detailed tasks. These “trade specific” progressives can help you do anything from use multiple computer screens at once, to building models and use the same pair of glasses to read the directions. Your glasses can be made to fit almost whatever needs you have visually.

It is always important to see your Eye Care Provider annually, not only to monitor eye health, but also to allow them to help keep the quality of vision as high as possible. You may be missing out on the best vision you could have and not even know it! So if you are finding that you are having difficulty focusing on near vision tasks, don’t panic it happens to all of us, schedule an exam with your Eye Care Provider and let them help you get the best vision possible!




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